Freedom United Kit


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Do you want a FUK?


The September Freedom United Kit aka the FUK is here! Nothing is better than an air drop of goodies! Well, we're excited to introduce the Freedom United Kits. We did alot of research and were able to hand pick awesome products we know you'll love. Everything in the kit is useful including the M2A1 metal ammo can of course. Your buddies will be jealous they didn't get in on it.

These FUK's are extremely limited. Once they're sold out, that's it!

Everything in the kit retails for over $130.00.


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I just had 650 rounds delivered yesterday from Freedom Munitions. Another order of 300 is in the works.

The War Wagon

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Sounds like the PERFECT gift for a birthday or Christmas this year. Then folks can say, you GAVE a F.U.K.! :favorites37:

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