Ever been tasered?

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Took the 5 second ride to get certified to carry when on the job.

Definately no fun ride but when it was over it was over.

I would rather be tased then pepper sprayed any day but that's just me.



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Way back in the day I got hit three times with the handheld stungun. Once on the neck, back, and armpit. Apparently I didn't want to cooperate. lol.


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I watched an inmate ride the lightning four times, one after another - he was almost taser proof.

When you say ride the lightening are you talking about tasered, or actually rode the lightening 4 times??? If so that's really impressive.


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Ride the lightning is an expression for being Tasered. We don't have Ol Sparky out here - we use lethal injection. First execution with the needle, a drunk captain was selling t-shirts with a picture of a syringe and the caption, "This shot's for you!"
The inmate I was referring to was holding his trap hostage, and took two hits with the prongs, and two hits with the probes. I watched another one get hit with the bug zapper and he dropped like a rock.


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Years ago at a kid's birthday party, my cop friend had his taser in his truck and two of us took drive stuns to the leg.

More recently, during my own Taser certification, I layed face down with a wire wrapped around each hand and took a 3 second hit. Hurt like hell, but still better than OC.


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30 years as a high voltage lineman shocked plenty,gassed at Parris Island .Learned to avoid both.


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I'd never want to be tazed...
Closest I've ever been is a coil or sparkplug wire...
Plulled a coil wire when I was a kid off my dirt bike
when it got jamed at WOT...
Not fun...made me shake for 30 min after and the
hair on my head stand straight up...
I remember plastic chairs at work that were a bit electric: if I slid against the chair as I sat in it, its metal parts gave me a shock and an audible spark from static electricity.


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I been tasered before as well. At a military convention where they were demoing a new model for "especially uncooperative prisoners"


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The garage doors I install are separated with a thin sheet of foam paper to keep the face of the door from getting scratched up. During the winter when the air is dry when you remove that protective sheet from the door it generates an amazing amount of static electricity. I've got to take a pair of my vice grips and touch the section with them or I'll get zapped. I've seen a bright blue spark jump 1.5 to 2 inches. I hate getting tagged by that should I forget to ground it first.

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