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I've been getting some questions about Duracoat refinishing lately, so I figured I'd start a thread on it.

Here's a question I get all the time- "Duracoat or Cerakote, which is better?"
It's all in the prep work! If you've ever refinished anything in your life, you know this to be true. I've seen and heard some badmouthing about Duracoat. I think most of that stems from operator error... lack of prep work, using improper equipment or some guy in his garage using a "shake 'n spray" kit.

Simply put, Duracoat will scratch easier, and Cerakote(being ceramic based) will chip easier. Both are great products, but keep in mind they are FINISHES and won't last forever.

With that out of the way, here's the process-
We blast down to the bare metal using a mixture of glass bead and aluminum oxide. This removes the old finish and any contaminants, and it also etches the metal giving the Duracoat a good surface to adhere to. We transfer from the blasting cabinet to our ventilated refinishing room using latex gloves, at which time the firearm/parts are chemically degreased and blown dry using compressed air. This removes any leftover blast media. The firearm/parts are then hung in our refinishing room, and it's time to mix some Duracoat. We apply the Duracoat using a HVLP gun, and crank the heater up. The firearm/parts will hang out in the heated room for a minimum of 72 hrs before reassembly. If we're doing a 2 tone or a pattern job, we will tape off or stencil as needed. We typically hand cut our own stencils because the ones you can buy from Duracoat are too large. The second coat is then applied. Repeat as necessary, so on and so forth.

Some pics of our setup. Not the most advanced system in the world, but it gets the job done.

Blasting area... good and dirty from lots of use!

Air compressor

Outside of the "Duraroom", showing the ventilation system

A just finished Saiga 7.62 hanging. As you can see from the build up on the wall there, we use quite a bit of this stuff.

You have over 200 colors to choose from. Here's what we have on hand at the moment.

On to the finished product!

FN Special Police Rifle stock just finished. Yes, that's a pink ghost flamed 1911... :supergay:





More pics on the way. Feel free to post up with any questions.
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Awesome work. The digital camo looks really good. Is that your tiger stripe pattern on the glock?

Thank you. Yes, it is. We did a Mossberg 500 with the tiger stripe not long ago, but I forgot to take pics before it sold:mad: It came out GREAT too! I'll post pics of this Saiga 12 we're doing when it's finished. Got the first coat on it yesterday.


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In for more pics of tiger stripe. I cant wait to get all my parts in and get them to you guys. I'm kind of leaning towards everything except the barrel right now


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Was that all terrible rust? Looks new now, good job guys.

All rust. The customer said it had been left in a shed for 5 years:snoopfacepalm: There was so much rust built up that the action was ceased. 3 days later we had it cycling and shooting properly, completely refinished, and delivered back to the customer.
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will keep this in the front of my mind...might help me purchase something I might otherwise pass up....


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My wife wants a pink gun only because it's pink lol. Nice job as usual. I still need to get my parts to you guys but most things have been put on hold temporarily. Hopefully one of these days and the sooner the better

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