Ds fal sa58


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Anybody have any experience with these? thinking about a UN ammo'd long gun...


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Interesting rifle IMO. Lot so folks love the FAL, elegant, Classy.

Worth the ammo cost?

Only u can decide :)


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I did a lot of research when deciding between a FAL and an M1A. Basically they both have their advantages, I only went with the M1A because I found a great deal on one. I would have been just as pleased with a FAL.

DSA guns get really good reviews, and the ones I have handled are nice rifles. Fit, finish are very good, solid feel (unlike some of the other brands I have seen.)

The consensus in my researching is that DSA makes some of the best FAL copies..
Like most 7.62NATO rifles with long barrels, they do tend to "wander" a bit when the barrel heats up, nothing too drastic, but the groups may open up a little when quick trigger fingers are employed. The PARA models with reduce this to some point. My preference is for the 18" bbl FALs, they tend to be a bit quicker and easier handling, without the muzzle blast and extra recoil of the 16" versions.

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