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DENVER (AP) — Exactly eight months after dozens of people were shot in a suburban Denver movie theater, Gov. John Hickenlooper will sign new restrictions on firearms in Colorado, signaling a historic change for Democrats who traditionally shied away from taking on gun control in a state where owning a gun is as common as owning a care in some rural areas.

The Democratic governor plans to sign new limits on ammunition magazines and a landmark expansion of background checks on Wednesday in his office, surrounded by legislative sponsors and their guests. The signings will mark a significant moment in Colorado, a state with a moderate streak and a pioneer tradition of self-reliance.


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Some sheriffs already giving it the middle finger...I'd vote for them...:rolleyes:

SWSS from somewhere....


I also read that Magpul will within 30 days be manufacturing magazines elsewhere. Good for Magpul

Guns accessories manufacturer Magpul to move from Colorado - Washington Times

Magpul has not yet announced where its new headquarters will be or where it plans to move manufacturing, but the company says the first magazines outside of Colorado will be made within 30 days of the bill’s signing. Magpul will most likely become a multistate operation, its statement read

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