Bob Costas' anti-gun diatribe


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Within the year or two, Bob will be prolly be arrested for child pornography, drunk driving, vehicular manslaughter(cell phone), etc. that will kill someone! Amazing how people can preach, but not practice what they preach!


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outlaw spoons, if fat people didn't have them we wouldn't have an obesity problem in this country!


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Better run bob....


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Wow, I own plenty of handguns. They have never once goated me into violence, exacerbated any situations, or caused me to kill my girlfirend then shoot myself.

Maybe mine are defective:rolleyes:


The worse part about this was Bob Costas and the Whitlock jerk decided to make the gun responsible for the Murder of a young Woman and make her child an orphan. And then the thought to celebrate the life of this killer and make it look like a national Tragedy.

Belcher is no better than Ted Bundy, Charles Manson or a douche bag that walks into the corner 7-11 and shoots a clerk behind the counter.

Belcher is a Murderer.... Period

If we are going to celebrate the life of anyone, celebrate the life of the young woman he killed.

Is what Bob the fuckhead Costas fails to understand is Belcher had decided to Kill this young woman and he would have done it any way he could even if it was by using the knuckles on his hand.

Anyone remember Jimmy "The Greek", Bob needs the same vacation for life


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^^ dang you said that so nice and correctly too...:005: sorry, didnt see a football one...


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Since he has paid, armed, bodyguards to protect him - what does he know about defending himself or guns? He is an ok sportscaster but he is an idiot when it comes to gun and gun control.

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