Black Rifle Thread, let's see them.


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Nice pic and I see you buy lots from Freedom Munitions too.

That was my fist order. 2500 rounds. So far so good. Might be the last though they're opening a store in Houston and I'll have to pay sales tax and shipping now unless I go pick it up. I'll have to see though.


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My third 33 round mag arrived just the other day. :)



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Couple that I put together. Mega receivers, DD 10.3" 5.56 bbl in a Mega Mono upper


The other upper is a Mega with a Rainier rail and Grim Reaper Tactical 8.5" 300BLK bbl. The can is an AAC 7.62 SDN-6. Two cans in the pic, one is for my dad's AR10 chambered in .243



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bushmaster predator with a leupold mark 4 8.5-25x50 in a jp enterprise mount, harris bipod, and accushot monopod (mark 4 2.5-8x36 on standby if needed). need to upgrade the stock or put a stock pack on to raise cheek 3/8-1/2 inch, otherwise i love it


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SA vz-58, sold through CZ-USA a few years ago, currently available from CzechpointUSA. FAB forearm, folding fore grip, folding rising cheek piece stock and ergo pistol grip. Israeli patrol sling and Bushnell TRS-25 red dot - that works VERY well. Additionally it has the optional NEA ambi extended mag release and extended bolt release - HUGE plus.


SA vz-58 5.56mm version. This one has the "Tactical" package, (I didn't name it!), with Ar style collapsible stock, FAB fore arm and my own MagPul Angled Foregrip. Also has the optional AR-15 magwell adapter, will use any METAL AR magazine, doesn't work with P-Mags. I still love it. :) Also has optional side mount scope rail and short scope mount. This rifle is currently unavailable - this literally is the only one in non company hands right now, BUT they will start getting these out as soon as CzechpointUSA catches up on the backlog of orders for the 7.62x39mm version...for some reason black rifle sales seem to be up...


In action...


My two "black rifles", don't own a single AR-15...


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Daewoo DR200
ACE stock and grip, DRP 90 degree safety, Stormwerks rail mounting a Primary Arms M3 clone.
__Piston driven perfection___:D

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DPMS Ar-15 Magpul Rear and VFG , Magpul MBUS flip up back up sights, AIM reflex on upper , TLR-3 flashlight mounted on side pic rail, Magpul single point sling mount....My baby not the best in the world but I built it so I think I did ok with it, shoots well and accurate from all shooting positions. I have mags ranging from 10 to 40 rounds all Pmags.....
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updated pic........haven't been here in a while.

First build.
BCM upper
BCM 16" BFH Middy
BCM MOD 3 charging handle
AIM Black Nitride V2 Bolt Carrier
D.D Low pro gas block
CMMG lower
KNS anti rotation pins
Geissele MKII 13" rail
Magpul ASAP
Magpul enhanced trigger guard
Magpul BAD lever
Magpul XTM hand stop
Magpul CTR stock
Magpul MOE+ grip
Burris Tac-30
Burris PEPR mount
Burris FastFireIII on Weaver 45*

Also using spare parts from the first build to start a second one.

Parts so far.
BCM upper
BCM 16" LW Middy
BCM low pro gas block
BCM MOD 4 charging handle
Spikes Tactical Gas tube
Les Baer BCG
Vortex SPARC red dot
Magpul Mid Length MOE handguard

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