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I found an ammunition opportunity in this "Hard Primer" ammo that is sold for 16 cents a round (!!).

What happened is Golden Tiger an older but well liked brand entered the US market again this year with ammo due to a lessening of Russia state military orders (and favorable exchange rates ruble to USD)

Golden Tiger is 56 gr boat tail ammo (the only Russian boat tail) has a record of very good accuracy and muzzle velocities.
It is also lacquered and has sealant hand applied to the bullet seating into the case and sealant the primer .

As a result this is one of the most storage resistant rounds on the market anywhere.

So why is it so cheap then?
Well originally they were selling it for 22 cents a round...

When Golden Tiger went back into the market they sourced their primers from a place that makes Russian mil primers.
And they are very hard too hard for many ARs.

While some ARs shoot this ammo fine w/o Mods...... in order to run it reliably there are upgraded firing pins needed ( and some also get Wolff springs)

I have ordered both and have a substantial amount of this excellent ammo on order for 16 cents a round

1000 Rounds Loose - 223 Rem FMJ Steel Case Russian Ammo - HARD PRIMER - SOLD AS-IS - Read Description |

Here is a link to the upgraded firing pin generally considered necessary to fire this ammo reliably. (yes it says 7,62 but it will work in 5.56)


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Today I performed the functions test with the somewhat controversial Golden Tiger 56 gr (not a typo!) FMJBT, Laquered Steel...

The below was my test set up for function:

1x LWRC M6A2 with Wolff XP Spring and Enhanced Firing Pin
1x Sig 516 with stock FP and trigger assembly
1x LWRC M6 with Geisselle SSA and stock FP
2x brand new Troy mags (for feeding consistency)
1000x Golden Tiger Laquered Steel 56 FMJBT:


-AR with Geissele SSA and Stock FP:
0 out of 5 rds functioned.. I stopped test at 5

- Sig516 with Milspec stock trigger and sotck FP:
3 out of 10 rds functioned

- AR With Wolff XP spring and upgraded FP:
60 out of 60 rounds functioned.. !!!! :)

- AR with Geissele SSA but stock FP replaced by enhanced FP:
30 out of 30 ignition !! :)

So even the Geissele SSA trigger assembly with a hammer spring lighter than stock was able to reliably ingnite the Hard Primers on this ammo as long as it has the upgraded FP.

From this it's clear the determining factor is the firing pin and I will not be installing any more XP Hammer springs in my fleet.

Also while accuracy was not evaluated in a methodical way Golden Tiger's repuation for it seems justified:
When functions testing the ammo from the bench I my last 20 rds with my primary at a Index card size and shape target at 100m and hit it nearly every time.
An Index card is approx 3 inch wide when "stood up" so this point to a low MOA error especially as my rifle was not zeroed for this ammo and I was not shooting for zero (no bag) so I was introduced some inaccurcies of my own I am sure.

At 100 yards an index card is very very small in your sights..

Given that with the right FP the Ammo functions 100% for me , the excellent accuracy for an economy round , the internet user published chronos consistently above 3000 fps w/ the refence 20 inch barrel and the very smooth lacquer combined with the sealant around the neck and primer I am going all-in with this ammo.

So I just ordered a 3rd one of these for myself:

And I also just ordered some more of this:
1000 Rounds Loose - 223 Rem FMJ Steel Case Russian Ammo - HARD PRIMER - SOLD AS-IS - Read Description |

I still have stocks of Federal XM855 and PPU M193 (which is also exclleent but costs twice as much) and will sell them pockeitng half the money and using he other half for this ammo


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Ammo is still sold out ..then back again in stock ...on and off.

Signs point to some folks buying huge stocks because its sold out so quick.

Saturday had 60 cases in stock Sunday morning zero.

On this note I trained with it on Saturday with approx 240 rds and had once again zero malfunctions in my trainer that has enhanced firing pin and Wolff Hammer spring.


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UPDATE: I forgot to add to the original post: Most rifles need the Wolff XP Hammer Spring to ensure reliable function.

Can be gotten at


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Back in stock! But sold 90,000 rds in last 5 hrs since back in stock.

get while you can it will be sold out again SOON


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So the new batches of Golden Tiger have the primer issue addressed.

No need to upgrade firing pins and hammer srpings.
However the price is back to normal too.


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Update on the Golden Tiger (early batches with hard primer)
Today I was able to make it work 100% over a run of approx 180 rds without the use of Wolff Hammer Springs to back up the upgraded firing pin.
Ran only the upgraded FPs.

But I had installed more extreme upgraded FPs in these examples
The RedX ones.:

BCM Upper worked with a unmolested PSA lower (upper w/ these FPs) and a Sig lower that had an ALG trigger installed.
This surprised me even more as the ALG feels soft.

This is good news for those who got this ammo as the stiff Wolff springs do get in the way a bit of performance on the range.

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