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    New from North Carolina

    Welcome aboard. Another North Carolinian here.
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    For Sale Posts..

    You can buy them off the link he posted. You just have to scroll through 3 pages of ad to get to the bottom to see the pricing. This ad was sent to me in an email awhile ago. So I'm guessing it's "most likely" probably legit. To get one is $59.95. The more you buy the cheaper they get. You can...
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    Hoppes #9

    Oh but that smell. Nothing as unique as Hoppes.
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    Custom shoulder rig

    If you haven't already done so, do a search on Amazon for a Tactical Shoulder Rig. It came back with a bunch of different options. You just need to pick out which one fits your needs. I'm not sure carrying all that stuff around can be discreet.
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    ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Scope

    Anyone have any experience with this scope? Looks very interesting. Can be used both in daylight and as a night scope. Very reasonable price for night vision. Throw on an IR flashlight on for long distance night vision. I've watched video's of guys hunting rats in pitch black using these...
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    Mossberg 500 tactical 20 gauge model 54300

    Set up very nice. I think you could find a couple more places to store rounds though. Lol. I had a sling that would store about 8 rounds on one of my shotguns.
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    Psa ks47

    Ooooh. Pretty. PSA is suppose to make good stuff.
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    Oklahoma Constitional Carry Law now in affect.

    Virginia is my Northern border. We go to Danville often. What they don't know won't hurt them.
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    So How Was Your Thanksgiving?

    You may need to clear your cookies and cache. I'm on Brave without any problems.
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    So How Was Your Thanksgiving?

    Mine was fine and uneventful. No traveling, no house guests, no turkey. My wife and I spent the day putting out the exterior Christmas decorations. The weather was nice so we took advantage of the free time. All of our relatives that we would normally get together with were out of town. I can't...
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    I could finally log back in

    Welcome back. I just spent a week trying to get my computer up and running again. Had some corrupt files that wouldn't let it boot up. Found some software that could fix the file system and it did. Then I cloned my 500GB hard drive to a 1TB solid state drive. Installed the SSD and my Macbook is...
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    Pole Arm that shoots out name?

    Need a little more to go on. What would it be used for? Self defense as in a baton? What diameter is the "pole" and how long does it extend?
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    Thoughts on 7 shot revolvers..?

    I've never really been into revolvers for those reasons. I like high capacity in a thin form. I've got an old Harrington Richardson 9 shot .22 snubby. And that's about the extent of my revolver collection.
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    9mm Ammo For Sale

    I'm looking for .22WMR (Mag) HP's. Any deals there? And maybe some .45 acp. Asking for a friend.
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    This week I made a ballistics table for 69 gr PPU match for my AR.

    600 yards is impressive.