Well this is a long weapon


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I picked up a Remington 887 Tactical Shotgun yesterday and I a really excited about it. I am going to take it apart this week and get use to how it functions since this is the first Shotgun I have ever owned. I only have one picture of it so far, but it is well worth the funds I put into it. I also found out today that I can go hunting bi game with it in Utah, should I so choose to. Pump Action Shotguns - Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical - Remington Shotguns This is a link to the weapon in question.


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Oh I intend to get very familiar with this weapons kick on the smaller shells before I hit the 3 1/2 shells. I am hoping to be ready for the extra kick by that time. Besides I need to strengthen up my shoulder first because I have fired a shotgun before and they have a hell of a kick in them.


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right now my primary focus is the disassembly and reassembly of the weapon and how everything goes together. I don't like not knowing a weapon before I shoot it. Too much can go wrong in my eyes.


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There is a lot to keep track off,key word search! Shotguns are hand cannons when loaded with the right stuff. Lots of Marines in Viet Nam gave up m16 for 870.

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