weapons that DONT go "bang"

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having studied many forms of martial arts for many years, i have become quite experienced with the weapons used in different styles. any other members study, or have studied? i want to hear your experiences and favorite weapons you used in training.

my favorite, the bo staff and sword.... all of them....


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I have never had any "formal training", but I do enjoy staff weapons myself. I also like the sword, but again no formal training. mores the pity.

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as with any wepon, training is key, but at least you get out there. i havent done any training in a few years now...... maybe im lazy..... im hoping some other members kick me back into the mood and i start again


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Dont really have any training. We are planning on implementing Krav Maga here shortly. I learned some basic FBI stuff in the academy.


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For places where weapons are not really allowed I carry this. Being slightly handicapped has it's advantage for me sometimes.



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Good ole SWK. How he didn't hit the wall during any of that is beyond me.

As for the original question...dropping a 26" dymondwood straight stick into my baton ring generally sets the tone for any disturbance call I go on. Nobody wants to get whacked with that sumbitch.


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I train in MMA as well as teach a self defense class for children and adults. My base is wrestling backed up with jujitsu and I study tang soo do. I use wrestling to get an opponent to the ground and over power them while there and jujitsu for defense while we're there. I use tang soo do for striking strategies to open up the take down or neutralize an attack. Tang soo do has some rather nice counter attacks to common strike attacks.
I train with kubotan, batons, knife, shoge, manriki, whipchain, and handgun. I like these weapons because they are perfect for self defense. They are not hard to learn. Easy to make and give you the element of surprise. I dont train in swords or other long weapons because in reality you dont walk around in public with these weapons at the ready. Things found in the office, shop, or home among just about anywhere has materials to throw these type weapons together in a pinch. 2 sets of keys at either end of a rope or cord can be a lethal weapon.
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"One mind-any weapon"
weapons of opportunity-I can't look at something without thinking about how to use it as a weapon. On Saturday, I cut up some 7/16" steel rod and had a 16" piece left over. Couldn't help but think how useful it might be. I think it ended up under the driver's seat in my car.


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Keep a asp baton and surefire flashlight in the truck. Keep a Spyderco Tim Wegner folder in my pocket and another surefire flashlight if walking around the neighborhood at night. Nothing like a blast of ultabright light to shock the senses of your attacker or burgler and gives you that extra second to get the upper hand.
I think the best non lethal weapon is your mind which should be telling you to use common sense and being aware of your surroundings.


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For all the Flashlight guys here, check out the Rigid Industries Halo torchlight. Awesome LED light rated at 900 lumens. I know of a place to buy them but they aren't a supporting vendor so I'll refrain from saying unless I'm given the go ahead. They are seriously awesome light for $100. Would make a great gift for your father or a friend.

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Two were on the job related. The ASP and OC spray.

The cane is nice in certain situations now that I am retired.

All require proper training before carrying and using.

After an incident more than a few decades ago in Miami the flashlight was deemed not a good impact weapon for LEO's but you use what you need to go home.



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