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Every body still chasing cows? The cost of beef I can see why they are taking the ranchers cows.


Been busy outside, that stupid prestone flush point people put on vehicles back in the day broke in half today on the way to work, the entire under hood was a very cool green!!!!


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We're here. I guess with the weather turning nice we're spending more time outdoors. We had a string of bad weather come through today. Had nickel size hail coming sown for a few minutes. Man does that stuff make a racket. I had my '94 Dodge Ram sitting out in it but it doesn't look like it caused any damage.

There only seems to be a small group of us who post. Wish there were more. Need a way to get this place some recognition. Try to get some more members talking.

Don't look for me much tomorrow. I'll be out cutting grass and splitting logs. Lots of outside work to do tomorrow.


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Ehh, I'm goin to a local gun show to pick up some TEXAS lowers I have on order. Then to a memorial service, doubt ill be around much..


I've considered getting a Raptor instead of another SRT-10, I spend more time in the dirt than on the assphalt

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i run an 80 shot of nitrous on my bike. but the truck needs more suspension rather than more power. even with the raptor you out drive the suspension much quicker than you you will the motor. i think 100mph offroad is plenty fast for me, but keeping that speed over the bumps is the important factor

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