SPAS 12 combat shotgun

For CGI fans, I found a non-posable CGI model of an SPAS-12, and I have made a version posable with Poser.

The peculiar hook on the end of its foldable stock in some versions :: I found by a web search that it can be rotated on its support, and that it is intended to hook round the user's forearm to make one-handed use more stable. The nearest that I could get is in this CGI image :-


(I have no real guns.)

What internal diameter (caliber) is the SPAS 12's barrel?

Is the gun the right length compared to a 6-foot-tall man in this image?
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Here is a website that can answer your question concerning gauge sizes. There's a chart part way down the spells it out in mm and inches. And the SPAS-12 is 41 inches long with the stock extended so your representation in your picture looks pretty accurate. A 12 gauge shotgun packs a pretty good kick. It'd be interesting to see if someone could shoot it with one hand like in your picture.
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Speaking as a 3D modeler . . . HORRIBLE image hahaha. As a gun guy, Silvr. You can get your answers there fairly easily. I should post some of my work one of these days hahaha.
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