School Employee Accidentally Shot in Class


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At least he was not a DEA officer doing a school demonstration.

NO doubt. I just hate seeing accidents like this. #1, don't like anyone injured, but #2, the Anti's just have all kinds of fun with shit like this. Little do they know, of the thousands and thousands of classes, you're bound to have the 1 accident. And of course it's preventable. Same with gun shows.


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If this is true, then I'm afraid to open my safe. No telling what they've been conspiring to do. I thought I caught the .22 talking to the 9mm the other day.

ninja man

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of course the idiot anti gun politicians will jump all over this. but yet arent they the ones being protected by guns? i wish some madman would run them all over with a prius. then maybe they could ban the prius because you cant hear them coming

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