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Well, the broken fuel pipeline is beginning to affect us here. Many gas stations are out of every grade of gas. I've still got about 3/4 tank in the work truck. I think I'll stop by my local station and top it off in the morning if they still have any. All my other vehicles are already topped off. But they better start getting shipments up here tout de suite or it might start getting ugly.

Just goes to show you how quickly a SHTF situation can arise. Gasoline is one thing. Food delivery is another story. When people start getting hungry, they start getting desperate. Come to think of it, if this gas shortage continues on the East coast, it could affect the trucking of food to the grocery stores and many other products. Delivery trucks can only go so far before they need fuel too.

The tanker trucks are starting to make their deliveries. But it might take awhile for them to get caught up with all the empty stations.


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The Colonial pipeline suffered a leak in Alabama near Birmingham. They said it lost 250,000 gallons of fuel. The affected states were Ga., SC, NC and further North. Heard on the news that the repair/bypass has been completed and they will start sending product up the line tomorrow. It will still take a couple days for things to get back to normal and prices to settle back down.


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Things are getting back to normal. We really didn't have any trouble getting fuel. There were and still are some stations that haven't gotten their delivery yet. The tanker truck drivers are busy as can be getting product out where it needs to go. By the weekend things should be like they were.


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Normal, if America doesn't burn to the ground first

Yeah, I'm real glad I don't live in Charlotte right now. What a mess.

I bet half the people rioting and looting couldn't tell you the guys name their protesting for.
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When a riot starts, for some people, that is called "Shopping Spree." There is no reason to do it other than to get the free gear that comes from such acts and as all Bernie supporters will tell you "they are entitled to free stuff, because they are entitled to free stuff." Logical thought does not have to actually come into play with these people when it is something that they gave up a long time ago for free health care.


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Back,on the fuel subject:

I maintain 2 vehicles

a) 2014 Nissan Altima.. 18 gallon fuel tank almost 30 mpg in town (if I drive gently) and 40 + mpg hiway (also if driven reasonably)

b) Nissan Xterra which I never allow to fall below 7/8ths of a 21 gallon tank..(unless I am on a trip)...
Its a bit of a fuel hog but this is my BOV so its always near topped off.

Have 3 of the really nice hermetically sealed Lithuanian 5 gal jerry cans filled with pure non ethanol gas and PRI-G, I have good reason to expect that gas to last for years.

Also unless I just got back from a long drive I rarely let the Altima fall below 2/3rds.

lets say gas supplies are disrupted and I am at 3/4 in the Altima ...

out of the Altima I could sustain normal operations (driving my short drives to work and moderate food shopping drives) for more than 4 weeks even in total absence of gasoline resupply.

This is w/o touching my Jerry Cans or using the topped off SUV.

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