Remington 870 express tactical arrived today


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Well the Remington 870 express tactical arrived today. It's model number 81198.

I replaced the mim extractor with a machined one. I also replaced the follower with an S&J delrin type 3 follower in orange. It loads smooth as butter and loads all 6 rounds in the tube consistently without binding.

Tomorrow when it gets here I'll install the limbsaver butt pad.

This one came with the lifetime warranty. Which may not mean anything if Remington goes under lol.

The bluing is the blackest bluing I've ever seen. It almost looks like a deep maganese black parkerizing.

I got it all oiled up and cleaned, sprayed down the outside with eezox and put it in a silicone gun sock.


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Very nice. I've got a Keltec KSG that will become my boat gun for use in close quarters. I've already got the gun, now I just need the boat and this plan will be complete.

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