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With few exceptions, Hollywood's attempts to make a movie depicting veterans haven't gone over well in the community it aims to mimic.

"Con Air,'' "Jarhead,'' "Green Zone'' and "The Hurt Locker'' are among the films that induce cringes and groans from a group of veterans tired of Hollywood's depictions of them.

Those veterans - including Medal of Honor recipients Dakota Meyer and Leroy Petry and well-known veterans Tim Kennedy and Marcus Luttrell - now plan to make their own movie.

Two military apparel companies are leading the drive. Durham-based Ranger Up and Texas-based Article 15 each earmarked $250,000 for the project and are crowd funding the rest.

The group set an original goal of $325,000 on Indiegogo. In 10 days, the campaign had raised roughly $450,000 with pledges from more than 3,500 donors.

Nick Palmisciano, CEO of Ranger Up, said the sky's now the limit. "The more we raise, the better the movie becomes," he said.

In most movies, veterans are cliched versions of themselves, one-dimensional, humorless Neanderthals, the veterans behind the movie say in an introductory video.

"Yes, we're Neanderthals, but we're pretty (expletive) funny," says one of the veterans involved in the project. The movie, "Range 15,'' is billed as a post-apocalyptic comedy. The plot will revolve around a veteran transitioning out of the military who finds himself and his veteran friends in a fight for humanity.

The tag line for the movie: "The only thing scarier than the world ending . is the team that's trying to save it."

Palmisciano said the veterans involved in the project include several who served at Fort Bragg.

They are Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, Marines and Airmen.

The group had been kicking around the idea of a movie for months, Palmisciano said. Its members were frustrated with how even good movies often dehumanized the military.

For every "Saving Private Ryan,'' "Black Hawk Down'' or "Lone Survivor'' there are scores of bad depictions of troops and veterans, he said.

I am planning to donate also...Hollyweird it seems just doesn't get it.

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Lets not forget gomer pile.

Or Hogan's Heroes.. my late stepfather was a B-26 gunner shot down over Germany in late '44 and spent six months in a stalag camp and forced to march just before the liberation came. I have seen a photo of him right after he was released..about 110 pounds. He watched that show once but never again he said..they made it look like summer camp.

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