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Went to wades in Bellevue yesterday and put 50 rounds through my Ruger Mk II Target pistol achieving typical 1-1/2" groups @10yds freehand.
2nd up was putting rounds 100-200 through my CZ75d pcr. Think this pistol will be a keeper, no failures so far shooting Military Ballistic Ind. 124 gr. fmj once reloaded brass. Groups are getting better...still spraying spraying a few to the left for prolly 3-5" groups at 7yds.
3rd up was putting rounds 200-300 thru my S&W 9mm shield. I have had 3 light strikes using 3 different types of Ammo....Winchester, Hornady and the MBI once reloaded brass. Have not cleaned the gun since new, but did oil the slide and had no lite strikes this time using the MBI 124gr. Think the issue was slide was not seated fully forward as I could push it forward the last 1/32".
2 of the lite strikes occurred on the first rounds and the third occurred on the 3rd or fourth round. Think i will put another 200 rounds through it before I can fully trust it though. Taking my time, I can put the first couple of rounds in the black, but then start spraying them to the left for 5-7" groups at 7 yards.
Lastly, I rented a remington 1911 R1 enhanced and put 50 rounds through it. Highly recommend renting a gun before buying! First five groups were about 4-5" at 7 yards. Not too impressed. For the last 8 rds, I moved the target out to 10 yds and shot my best group of about 3" with 6 of 8 in the black and 2 just outside low....hmmmm.
Liked the heft of the R1....managed recoil nicely. No rattles and tight build tolerances compared to my late 80's S&W 4506. Really liked the thoughts of sending a .45 defensive round at a unwanted guest/intruder. Lots of pros/cons of calibers choice, but my feeling for defensive handgun use at home is "bigger...is better" for a one-shot put down! For a extended urban shtf warfare... .40 or 9mm.
Main dislike about the R1 is the high bore axis coupled w/ the seemingly "tall" sights being used. Also did not like the beaver tail grip safety although more time firing this weapon would negate this dislike. Think I will try the "commander" size version of this weapon before pulling the trigger on a purchase. Overall think I would go for the plain R1 along with some thinner grips. $525 + $6 shipping and $25-$30 FFL + taxes -$75 Remingtom rebate= about $535 for a fine 1911 from grabagun.com :chewie:
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Sounds like solid handgun usage. Dirty gun my fail to reseat on recoil.
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Sounds like solid handgun usage. Dirt gun my fail to reseat on recoil.

Think it just needs to be broken in....any more lite strikes and/or slide not seating fully forward with it being fairly clean/oiled and I will call S&W and have them take a look at it.

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