Ohhh Lort, Libtards gonna be pist off again !!!


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I am glad the judge commented on what should be obvious. For a murderer on offense who has all the time in the world to plan an attack, magazine restrictions are no big deal. They can carry as many magazines as they want and generally aren't taking fire while doing so. For the rest us, we get no such opportunity. When someone kicks in your door at 2 am and jump out of bed in your underwear, all you have is what is the gun. When you are out and about during the day just going about your business, you only have what is on you everyday and even if you have extra magazines, you have to change them while under attack.


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I'm sure the libs are hating this. Thank God there are level headed people in decision making positions doing so without an agenda to push. Nothing seems to be going right in the liberal camp these days. Ain't it great? Lets all pray (and vote) that in the 2020 elections, things stay the same or improve. If we can get more of these type people in the right positions, we should start seeing more and more of this.

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