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It’s not often that I can’t show you a great new High Noon holster without the sidearm it’s designed for, but this is a special case – I don’t own the Glock 19. It’s issued to me. Not making sense? Let me explain.

First, this excellent High Noon Slide Guard came to me in the mail a week or so ago, and typical of High Noon products, it rocks. The sweat shield in back is as always, thick medieval armor, and this one had a soft lining, a touch I usually don’t get, but definitely a nice touch.

But I can’t show the gun in it, because cameras aren’t allowed. See, this holster was going no High Noon holster has been before – behind the forbidding grey walls and shiny razor wire of an Arizona prison.

Most people don’t think about firearms and prisons, but we do have some armed posts, and because they are few in number, the sidearms are issued for that shift and turned back in afterwards. Holsters tend to be generic plastic paddle rigs made overseas, selling for about $20 on the street here. They are cheap, fragile, and have as much class as an empty plastic drink cup rolling in the street. I have used them for 11 years – no more.

Now I go to work in STYLE!

Yes, for the sharp eyed, the whole carry system is High Noon – one each High Noon Slide Guard Holster, a High Noon Rock Steady belt, and what else?

Yep, a High Noon Double Take spare mag holder!!

So why go to this extreme? The armed post I work is VERY visible to Administration, visitors and volunteers, and projecting a positive image is always important. As a matter of fact, everyone comes in and out past me, so they can’t HELP but notice the cheap scuffed plastic holster…just isn’t there.

Did I get comments? Did I ever – ranging from “Awesome!” to “How much and where do I go look?” A few staff who also work in that same post were interested to see if I was going to leave the rig behind…fat chance…
Some noticed, a few didn’t, but all in all, High Noon’s carry system helped not only keep my sidearm and spare magazines right where I wanted them with no movement on that excellent belt, but also helped me look good in my profession, and that’s a benefit that has no price tag.

Now if I can con them into making pepper spray holders... ;)

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Very nice, keep on keeping our streets safe my brother....well let rephrase that, keeping our felons in the place were they belong.

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To bad the state will not allow other side arms than 9mm. I know there shot guns and long guns on sight but law enforcement and security should not be held down to 9mm or 38.JMO


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Nice looking holster. I love my High Noon and thinking about getting another for a new pistol.

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