New deadly weapon that kills troops with metal detectors.


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We will use electromagnetic wave and radiation detectors in a new way like this.

To kill troops "not going to tell the Taliban this" and to holt patrols they would use small explosives to destroy mass billions of dollars worth of detecting gear each year. Wire bombs up and and make metal detectors trigger the explosives to detonate.

Never done before cheap home made "electromagnet wave detectors" and cheap home made "x-ray detectors" can be used in away to destroy there detecting gear and kill troops :). Terrorist are not doing this or anyone....not done.

When you watch the video links, you will see the closer a wave get's to it, the more lights light up. You wire the bomb to light 5, there for giving it power and blowing up the bomb.

Use 99% less explosives then an IED bomb, detects it then blows up the detecting gear or kills troops :).

Like in Iraq 2006, they tried to put crap on poles to reach out to not take the blast. This time the explosives is mixed up and a new system. It can be a chemical that detonates the explosives. This means the explosives can be away from the detector / metal, meaning the troops will die and the c4 is moved around them away from the pole. The pole may reach out 2+ meters, but the explosives is 2+ meters away. The poles become unstable after 3 meters and mean clearing areas is much harder. They will move slowly and will not clear areas using poles. Ether way they will now die.

We can even wire some apart to stop a big field from tricking the bombs, the lights indicate it's strength, and it will no the distance apart. I can counter the counter counter 2.

As you can see now a new idea of magnetic wave and radiation detectors will change everything.

These 2 videos show you how cheap it will be to do and make one. Not hard to wire light 5 or 50 to the explosives bang.

Troops with metal detectors will see bombs blow up on them now.

Bombs can be put under the road and made to slide back 3+ meters once it detects the electromagnetic wave or radiation wave or any wave........Under the troops bang.

Copper slugs can be used with thermite to see less explosives needed "but mainly" to destroy the detecting gear, and plant them within 5 min not 1 hour.

That means they can plant 100,000 of them in a week, holt patrols and take back over.

Troops with metal detectors...BANG dead, set the bomb off.

It's very important that they can move around. If there MRAPs detecting gear get hit after hit 1 in 3 bombs. Then they are halted and slowed down.....A disaster to hold areas ad so on.

I won the Iraq war and could have won the Afghanistan war, before a broken deal was reached.

I must post this to prove the CIA did something to me, and are bribing people like this page, that will remove this after being bribed.

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