Need advice/comment on my Inconspicuous Weapon


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Gender: Male
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 47kg - 53kg

Aside from learning martial arts, its better if i have some handy inconspicuous weapon at my disposal. Bad guys always come in dirty and numbers. With my size, having a weapon is my greatest ally. Plus, a gunner is a hard deal.

(1) GUN SPEAR (disguised as an umbrella)
  • shots: metal pellet and tranquilizer
  • spiked horn on the muzzle (serving like a rifle's bayonet)
  • bulletproof cover (serving as shield)
  • shock linings (countermeasure for grabber)
  • binocular/telescope (hidden inside the handle)
CAUTION: The bulletproof cover may not be able to withstand long barrage from heavy firearms.
- i want it to be as light as much as possible but sturdy enough not to malfunction esp after you used it to stab or bat the enemy

(2) WHIP LASH (disguised as a waist belt)

(3) FINGER KNUCKLE (disguised as kitty accessory)
  • the ears serve as the stabbing part
- MUST be non-metal

- uses/functions aren't yet planned

(5) TOE CAP (shoes)
- MUST be non-metal

(6) WEAK EXPLOSIVE (disguised as candy), IGNITER RING (as finger rings), and PROTECTIVE GLOVES
  • weak explosion to be considered as non-lethal
  • pair of ring that acts like a match box
  • carbon-coated gloves or any that can protect your hand from explosion (in case)
- the explosive MUST not be made from the usual gunpowder as sniffing dogs will detect it

Any advice/comment is highly appreciated!
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Yeah I don't get it, why go thru all what he says he has when drawing your firearm is much


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Its expected not to hear good from westerns. So full of self...

No we're not full of ourselves. But come on.....your first post and you're talking about explosive devices. We don't talk about explosive devices. And from your descriptions it sounds like you have the other defensive tools covered. From umbrella spear to some sort of brass knuckles.

Sorry if we came across kind of brash but you might try introducing yourself before going into the exotic weapons questions. It sounded as if you were trying to bait us into some questionable conversation.


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We don't allow illegal items on this site, but your first post was a little questionable. Not illegal, but definitely not straight forward either. Perhaps next time you should try to start, as Silver stated, with "Hi I am 'your name here'" and not with something that looks like a normal James Bond load out. We are just looking out for ourselves. I personally don't need to FBI..... or the IRS :p coming to my door asking me what terrorist organization I belong to.

Now if your question is for like a game or something and not real life use that is different :D


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Can you get a taser or stun gun? The electric shock will put an attacker on the ground and give you time to escape.


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Non-lethal/Less-than-lethal weapons come in many different configurations. I think some are mentioned in the less-than-lethal section now. Go and take a look and feel free to ask more questions.

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