Navy Seal poser busted

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Veteran Nabbed in Sting Accused of Posing as Wounded SEAL

During a sting at a Weatherford gun store Saturday, a Navy veteran falsely claiming to be a decorated Navy SEAL officer injured in combat was arrested after lying about his service record and accepting a free gun in appreciation, according to law enforcement.

Peace officers physically stripped the suspect of the uniform he was wearing before taking him out of the store in jail clothing, according to the Parker County Sheriff's Office.

Carlos Felipe Luna-Gonzalez, 29, of Granbury, has been charged with theft, more than $1,500, less than $20,000, tampering with a government document and fraudulent or fictitious military record.

Texas Ranger Anthony Bradford received information in August 2014 that Gonzalez was portraying himself as an active-duty Navy SEAL officer, according to Bradford's probable cause affidavit.

The source reportedly provided Bradford Facebook photos showing Gonzalez wearing a white Navy uniform bearing the rank of lieutenant junior grade, a SEAL trident, jump wings and other awards.

However, Bradford wrote that he conducted a background check on Gonzalez and found that he was given an early general discharge from the Navy as an enlisted seaman apprentice.

Bradford used a Hood County law enforcement officer to connect Gonzalez with the "owner" of Lone Star Guns and Gallery under the ruse that the owner of the gun store, a man who is an active supporter of wounded military veterans in Parker County, would like to meet Gonzalez, thank him for his service and present him a firearm, according to Bradford.

Gonzalez showed up to the Weatherford store Saturday morning wearing a Navy dress blue uniform with officer insignia, a Purple Heart and the SEAL trident, according to Bradford.

Introduced to a store employee posing as the store's owner, Gonzalez confirmed that he was a Navy SEAL officer and said he'd been shot while in combat, according to law enforcement.

After accepting a $2,300 assault rifle, posing for a photograph, and signing the ATF paperwork to accept the firearm, Gonzalez was arrested.

Inside Gonzalez's wallet, investigators found a Navy identification card that was noticably tampered with, according to Bradford, who wrote that the rank and expiration date of the card had been changed to reflect Gonzalez's story.

Gonzalez was released Sunday on $18,500 bond. The Weatherford Democrat could not reach him for comment Monday.

"The entire situation is more than bothersome," said Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler, who served in the Navy. "It is plain troubling. Our citizens pride themselves in honoring true veterans, just as the rest of the country. This man stole a title which has been earned by many through bloodshed of their own."

I say let the real Seals have about ten minutes alone with this dirt bag...


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And then there's this guy. What a waste of air. I just can't believe there are people out there that do this. I hope one of the Stolen Valor groups stomps him. Read some of the comments below the video for a chuckle.

[ame=]Fat Disgrace to Humanity John Elmo Sheppard Jr - Lawndale, NC - YouTube[/ame]
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I am sure there are vets out there who like to get this fat piece of crap drunk some night and then toss him into a wood chipper and feed his remains to the be surprised of the amount of posers claiming to be veterans and wearing uniforms and medals like this douche bag and in some cases even collecting benefits on top of it...:mad:


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I have seen that store before. I may have to pay them a visit and do some business.

ETA: Just looked at their website and it seems the reporter isn't the only doofus referring to semiautos as assault rifles. They don't need my business too badly afterall.
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