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You guys this is my slingshot. As you may be thinking , what makes this slingshot so powerful. Well for one it has specific curves in specific parts of the grip. Witch is conformed to how the human hand best grasps things in this position. Allowing you to apply heavier bands with comfort in grip , = more power. Obviously this would have to be shrunken and enlarged for comfort in different sized hands. But that's not all ......... It has a very low fork. Allowing you to put heavier bands with comfort in wrist. Because the lower the fork the less strain on the wrist. Here it is below. Also would you guys like and subscribe plzz.

[ame=]Jeorje Sprave Moorhammer Slingshot - YouTube[/ame]


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slingshots are cool. we used steel rods, leather pad and surgical tubing...that and a steelie will do some deeds done dirt cheap....besides if we don't get back our gubment we will be needing sling shots....

of course by looking at the name on the vid, he cannot understand the ways of 'Merca.


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I still like his zombie slingshot.

[ame=]Slingshot Zombiehammer with Skull Ejector - YouTube[/ame]

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