Mossberg 500 tactical 20 gauge model 54300


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Okay so I won this mossberg 500 tactical 20 gauge on gunbroker for a song. Im having trouble finding stocks and forends for it. Model 53400

This one looks as though it may have a standard 7 5/8 tube but I'll measure it when it gets here.

Does anyone have one of these and what stocks and forends do you run?

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After some initial searching, it appears that it takes the same stocks as the regular size 500. If that is accurate, there should be lots of options. What type of stock do you have in mind?


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Oppo is correct. I believe the 500, no matter the caliber, should accept any other stock designed for the 500. The frames are all the same.


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Pics of the tac star 6 shot side saddle with a browncoat tactical side saddle. The screw for the trigger group was to long because it's a 12 gauge plate so I ground it down flush and then installed the industrial velcro.

The flashlight is a 700 lumen Energizer.

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Here it is now.

My bedside defense gun.

Mossberg 500 20 gauge persuader 8 shot 20" barrel.
Elzetta ZSM light mount
Energizer 700 lumen aluminum light
Browncoat tactical 7 round shotgun cards
Soe gear single point sling
It also has a 2 point sling that goes with it. It's a quake industries the claw padded sling in mossy oak bottom land.
Limbsaver air tech pad for the fiance
Magpul sga stock
Tacstar aluminum side plate with rubber on the back side and velcro on the front.
NDZ performance red aluminum follower
NDZ performance safety in fde cerakote
Mossberg factory trigger fde cerakote
Mcarbo spring kit for the trigger. (I've had no issues with these kits and recommend them to everyone.)

The gun is painted in kg kphos which is a phosphate like parkerizing and then kg gunkoted milspec od green and then baked.

It was done by xdman in Alabama aka James Nicholas

The furniture was painted in magpul fde kg gunkote and baked.





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Set up very nice. I think you could find a couple more places to store rounds though. Lol. I had a sling that would store about 8 rounds on one of my shotguns.

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