Mossber 500 dimensions?


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I have a mossberg 500 12 gauge. I wanted to buy a stock, and found an awesome deal on a mossberg 500 20 gauge stock.

What is the difference in width of receivers? I have heard they will bolt up but may be differing widths.

Does anyone have this information? Or can anyone with a mosberg 20 gauge measure the width of their receiver by the stock?



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I've just done a quick look and I don't think the 12ga and 20 ga parts are interchangeable. I looked on a website that makes stocks for the Moss 500. The 12 and 20ga guns have different part numbers. And some stocks for the 12ga specifically state that they won't fit a 20ga.

But then again I looked on Amazon and they show some stocks that will fit both guns. So heck if I know. The 12ga is the 500A and the 20ga is the 500C from what I've read and this stubby stock says it will fit both.
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