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The weather. Potential of going down to 21 tonight. Just came in from helping the wife cover all her plants in the garden. Using whatever we could find around the house. We did buy a roll of plastic which we were able to cover two of her planting beds with. I had sheets of cardboard that we covered other plants with. And when we ran out of that she went into the house and came out with bed sheets.

I wish Mother Nature would decide what she's going to do. I've got duel wardrobes out now because some days it's shorts and other days it's the parka.

I should be in Florida this time of year.


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Global warming is a bitch !!!!!! 51 degrees tonight in north west central florida.

They threw Global Warming out there and it didn't stick so they changed it to something less descriptive with "Climate Change" so the no matter what the temperature did the title would fit.

And now this. They've got Attorney Generals prepared to prosecute and fine people who don't believe in climate change.

16 Democrat AGs Begin Inquisition Against

The War Wagon

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And now we have the north pole moving toward GB and the world will wobble. Well named person ,he is still goring us today.
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