"Lifebuoy" WWII British flamethrower


If you are looking for close-up detailed images of the WII British "lifebuoy" flamethrower, I found some at this link:-

British 1943 Ackpack Flame Thrower

On image dpp_0017.jpg on that page note the steel spring clip at the bottom front end of the left shoulder strap :: that seems to explain, for that type, a problem that has vexed me: where does a flamethrowerman put its gun part when he is not firing it and he needs his hands free to do something else?


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Never really wanted to walk around in live fire with a can of gas on my back.What was the pouch on the front of the unit for?

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I think I'd be wearing asbestos gloves if I had to use that thing. But wearing some 64 pound Zippo lighter on you back while in combat could be hazardous to your health. Going have to watch A Bridge Too Far to spot it for myself...still an interesting find.


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I understand that the life span of a flamethrowerman in the Pacific, especially on Iwo Jima, was measured in minutes, because the Japanese hated the things so much. Wearing the Ronson Backpack meant you were about to die.


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Lifebuoy flamethrower item=281396902850 July 27/2014 for those interested I can supply more detailed pictures.


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The Russians would execute any German POW caught as a flamethrower man by burning him alive.

Given what happend I always thought it overly generous the germans did not do the same with any down RAF personnell.

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