Libtardism IS a mental disorder!

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ta da.


MIT lecture: 'Is Islamophobia Accelerating Global Warming?'


Particle physics and string theory pose plenty of interesting questions, but educators at Massachusetts Institute of Technology this week wrestled with yet another vexing dilemma: "Is Islamophobia Accelerating Global Warming?"
I think we've identified the crux of the problem...

Meet the mohammaden libturd behind THIS nonsense.

The topic was presented by Ghassan Hage, a future generation professor at the University of Melbourne. Hage, who is authoring an upcoming book on the proposed Islamophobia/global warming relationship, has a history of courting controversy and promoting far-left and anti-Israel ideals.


Hage, born in Lebanon before moving to Australia, is the author of several books exploring race in Australia, including, “White Nation” and “Against Paranoid Nationalism.” In online essays, he has called airport security an example “in which Westerners require from those they racialize an exact obedience to the letter of the law.”

A supporter of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement, he has likened Israelis to “slave owners” in a tweet and has called Palestinian militants “freedom fighters” in an essay. He ended that particular essay, “A Massacre Is Not A Massacre,” sarcastically: “I have such a limited brain and my ignorance is unlimited. And they’re so f------ intelligent. Really.”
$45,000+ a semester for THIS?! Enjoy that Burger King cashier's degree, kiddies!


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There may be more global warming from us sighting our guns in. This ragheads are a treat to modern society and should be treated like roaches. Obama has turned this nation on its head and is giving the UN power to disarm us in the very near future. Pray , vote and buy more ammo.


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I agree that liberalism is a mental disorder. Unfortunately it's a disorder that is contagious and spreading like the plague.


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The best part about them is most of them are not gun owners. I have even seen some liberal leo's that are afraid of theirs.


Well the good part is, of the 100+ people I work with, all but 3 women. 98% of them own guns and not just one........ Many:)

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