Kimber Pepperblaster


So I was window shopping on the Kimber sight and saw this.....


I need to get the daughter one of these for her trips to school


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A squirt gun in Super Soaker form with pepper extract juice in it is cheaper and very soakingly effective :D:rolleyes:


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IMO most schools would have an absolute meltdown, seal the city type reaction if they saw her with it. I mean with SWAT and black helicopters, hostage negotiators etc. Then they would have to have counseling for all those traumatized by the event. Go for it.

lol. Grief counseling for sure. ;)


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Better off getting her a can of Sabre or Fox in ballistic stream formulation and calling it a day. Less of a "gun" form factor for people to piss and moan about, more ammo (so to speak - more than two shots), and ballistic stream is typically a gel so it doesn't aerosolize and contaminate every living thing in a 100 foot radius.

I'm an instructor and have been exposed to just about every form of that crap there is. Gel/ballistic stream is the way to go for civilian personal defense IMO.


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Ahhhhhh come on... Lets just get the CS gas they use in Basic Training in the military and put that in a little super soaker squirt gun :D that would make someones life miserable for a bit :D


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Only two shots? I'd rather carry a Derringer.

Look at the spitfire OC spray. It's in a little better form factor that doesn't really even look like pepper spray. Plus you can get saline refills for practicing.

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