Just picked up a M&P9 full size


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Just picked up a M&P 9 with the 4.25 inch barrel.

Really feels and shoots nice.
I dont understand the folks who complain about the trigger of these guns.
trigger pull plenty smooth for my purpose and as a result I shoot quite well with this gun.

The only thing it doesnt seem to lend it self for the little trick belowed of shooters who are qualifying on a range where you just return to the set point...
The set point is too "surpirsing" for that.

But for normal shooting a smooth set is actually helpful IMHO.

Will post pics when I can find one of my 2 cameras that I lost somewhere in this apartment..:artist1:
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Slap or slow reset? Will the trigger change over time (use )

I am happy with the trigger.
yes it has no real "reset point" but to me that's more of something that's useful on the range or in competition..
"Real World" i have no doubt I will not notice the presence or absence of a reset point.

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