How to get blood off the rear sight white dots on MP9


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Last weekend went to a Extreme close quarters course.

Some blood flew (dont worry no one got shot.. it was basically martial arts with guns hence the blood..and live-fire was only 300 rds for the weekend))

In any event i have some blood occluding the right white dot of my MP9.
Any input whats a good way is to get it off w/o taking off the white paint also?


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I have a cleaner called "Garage Gorilla" ... best damn cleaning detergent I have ever used. Would definitely erase any DNA.
2nd choice Simple Green ....on a Q-Tip
Have you ever used Berryman's 12 ? Automobile engine product ... might even remove the white dots.
(Irradecsent paint to improve what was the original marking paint.)


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I would think some sort of water soluble cleaner for blood. I use a damp q-tip for general cleaning of mine and it hasn't removed the white yet.

Then again, I might use it as an excuse for an upgrade to some good night sights.

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