Hateful note left on vet's windshield


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I did not serve in a conflict, unlike my father, and I have not basis for comparison, but I was in a zone that was not in a state of peace and even there you had potential enemies around the corner. Yes I served in the military and I served my nation the best I could given the problems I have physically, but this is horse shit. People, our soldiers, that go overseas to fight generally don't go over there thinking "Oh I am gonna piss on some towel head," most of them are probably thinking "Will I make it home from this?" This is infuriating beyond believe for me because I did serve and I didn't want to go overseas . . . I didn't want to have to carry around 250 rounds of ammunition incase someone attacked . . . I sure as HELL didn't want to get into a conflict where my life will be in constant peril! But I served my country because I made a choice to do so. Whatever my reasons at the time might have been, I chose to serve and defend and I feel that in the end it has made me a much better person for it and I have a much greater respect for our fallen brothers and sisters. This is disgusting.


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I can't say I'm shocked or surprised at all. I wouldn't give the note any weight, the author is obviously not worth respect or even acknowledgment.

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