Gunrange accident leads to lawsuit

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BELLEVUE, Wash. - A man shot in both arms during an accidental shooting at a Bellevue gun range has sued the range and the man who shot him, claiming both failed to take appropriate care.

In a lawsuit filed July 11 against Wade’s Eastside Guns, attorneys for the man contend he was hit in the arms after a bullet fired by another Wade’s customer blew through a divider separating two shooting booths.

According to the lawsuit, the offending customer was firing a Smith & Wesson pistol that was “rather new” to him in a neighboring lane at Wade’s range. As the man raised his arms to shoot, the other customer accidentally fired through the foam lane divider.

The 9 mm bullet struck the man in the right arm, powered through it, then tore through his left arm as well, leaving him seriously injured, according to the lawsuit.

Writing the court, attorneys for the injured man contend Wade’s failed to protect its customer.

“Wade’s did not screen gun range customers for basic knowledge of safe gun operation,” attorneys Susannah Carr and Ian Birk told the court. “No safety rules were posted in the shooting lanes.”

The attorneys went on to fault Wade’s for failing to install durable partitions between the shooting booths.

Wade’s did not return requests for comment Monday.

A newbie with a weapon he was not familiar with..sounds like a bad idea.
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No excuse for an ND like that. The range should have done more to protect themselves but the accident was 100% the shooter's fault.

As for the dividers, if they aren't bullet resistent, I would rather not have them so that I can spot the unsafe behavior, hopefully, before something happens.


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I hate terms like "accidental shooting," "accidental discharge" et al.

I'm with oppo on this one. Why even have dividers if they are just foam??


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Agreed... foam dividers is almost like using a rubber after the fact.... does not do a lot of good once the deed is completed

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