Good edc and tactical knives.(Canada)


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I recently purchased a CRKT M21-04 folding knife from my local outdoors outfitter. Its 9 1/4 inch overall length, deep belly, spear point, flipper style edc and tactical knife. With a weight of 5 1/2 ounces it is a bit on the heavy side for your average folding knife but I enjoy a heavy. It also has a re-positionable belt clip for tip up/down and left/right carry. I personally have had no issues with it but ofcoarse i have only had it since christmas. It is my first CRKT knife and so far I like it. Will keep you updated if my opinion changes or i find a flaw. I would like to hear other suggestions on good edc and tactical knives.


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I like a thin knife that's not too bulky. I picked up a Meyerco Thin A-OK knife that has open assist. Been a pretty good knife. I think Blackie Collins may have designed it and it wasn't very expensive.



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I used to carry alot of buck because they are very good quality and classic looking knives, never had a complaint about any of the knives ive owned from them, i do like their new knives such as the vantage pro line of knives. I almost bought one over my CRKT.

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