FS= M1a with all the fixins'


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Springfield M1A Squad/Scout
Vltor Modstock
Trijicon Accupoint 3x9 on a Springfield Gen3 mount
Fulton Armory short forearm picatinny rail w/ Harris bipod adaptor
BlueForce quick adjust 2pt sling
5 - 20rd mags
2 - 5rd mags

Original Stock and heatshield
Orginal LER Scope mount.
Original stripper clip guide and a few clips
Bore Snake
Butler Creek scope covers





I prefer a face to face sale.

Asking $4000 for everything.
I'll throw in a sealed 200rd battle pack of 7.62NATO for buyers that can show me a current NRA, GOA, or SAF membership.


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Add up the rifle, mods, extras, and I think this is a hell of a deal. Especially in the current market.
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If I had the money, I would be it yesterday. I have such a gun-crush of Springfield's guns, and especially the M1A SoCom. You have a beautiful weapons system there. Good Luck selling it if you haven't already.

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It's still in my safe.
I have a new job which should afford more time for playing. So I am going to try to start shooting more again.

The rifle is possibly trade bait for a new Steyr AUG NATO version. But that will have to wait and see if I stumble across someone willing to make that trade. But for now, I will be happy to shoot the Scout.


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They are loud for a 308. It is pretty. I bet I can still take it apart and put it back together blind folded. Last time 1968.


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Have any of those battle packs for sale separately?

Hehe, I've had more interest in the ammo than the rifle. I had just the one battle pack, and about 500 rounds of mixed British and other ammo.
But if I'm keeping the rifle, I'll need to feed it something...sorry.

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