Few new guns at the range today


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First I'll get the crappy one out of the way :jester: This is from my Sig 1911 TacOps which I only have about 300 rounds through including today. I suck with pistols so bad. This was right before we left. Point of aim was dead center for all shots

100 rounds at 15 yards

Next is a AR-15 chambered in 7.62x39 that I picked up on the way to the range. I had some issues with be tul ammo with it. It's not hitting the primer hard enough so I gotta figure out how to fix that. I only had 2 boxes of fiochi (sp) so I used 1. I shot fifteen rounds and let the nephew shoot the other 5. This was right when we got to the range and before I calmed down lol

15 rounds at 25 yards with iron sights

Last is the 10/22 that I just put together and couldn't wait to try out. The lanes we were on only had targets at 25 and 100 yards. I really wanted to build this rifle for 50 yards. It shot way low at 100 and with the wind today I didn't zero it there. So only 25 yard targets which doesn't say much for my shooting ability lol. This was with cheap Winchester western bulk ammo

10 rounds at 25 yards

30 rounds at 25 yards


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Haha I shot the nephews .22lr for taking him. Stopped at academy this morning picked up 250 rounds of .45acp for $109. They wouldn't sell any .22lr in bulk. Assholes would only let me have one 50 round box. They had some .223 but I didn't get any because I don't own one yet. Should've got it now that I think about it

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