Don't Bring a Bat to a Gunfight

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Smart to get out of his car so he would have upper hand and the trouble maker could see he was armed... jmho

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Here it would be called murder. He was in his car and could flee instead he stayed and tried to fight.

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Maybe let's thank him for showing restraint, road rage gone wrong would be what the t h read could have been.....
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Actually I am wondering if the stupid kid shit in his pants when he was facing the wrong end of a powerful weapon. He looked real hot shit smug walking up, bat in hand, and then turned into a little weeping girl.


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Can anybody tell where this took place. The guy with the gun I think was LEO.

I think you're right. I believe he was off duty. I think it was a country that has strict gun control. Only LEO can have them. The guy filming sure got a kick out of it.


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The laughter sounded fake, like it was added as a "laugh track"
Something about it makes me think it was in South/Central America.

The steady dash cam also makes me think it was a cop.

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