Democrats Will Lose The White House In 2016 Over Guns. Here’s Why.


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I like it but I'm not holding my breath either. I didn't think there was any way BHOphus was going to get a second term.

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The State of California has passed legislation allowing illegals who get or renew their drivers license and register to vote, will be allowed to vote not only locally and state wide but in the next federal election as well, with no questions asked..what do you expect from looney-tune Jerry Brown and that state. First give them a drivers license, welfare, sanctuary and now the ability to vote in a country that they broke the law to come here illegally...amazing how far left we have become in a short time. Hopefully somebody with a clear head in California files suit to block this but I doubt it. I say just round up all the illegals in this country and dump them in California and build a fence to keep them in.

Napolitano: California To Allow Illegal Immigrants To Vote For The Next President | The Daily Caller


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Even with that, the Democratic party is skating on thin ice and their politicians are not doing so hot. They will have to fix the books somehow just to stay a party at this point. I cannot say what the future holds, but the way its starting to look, the Spanish Inquisition may make a return once the people start looking for Democrats to burn. . . They are playing with fire and I really don't think they are seeing the flames. The US was born because a King decided to remove our weapons by force. Though it was a close thing, the US won and was born. There are more guns in the states now than in the Revolutionary times, this will start, and end, very badly if the Democrats think the American people, who value their rights, are going to give them up.


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If they start paying large amounts for turn in guns with no question asked I think crime will sore ,home invasions way up for gun thefts. COLD DEAD FINGERS !!!!!!

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