Anyone else like t he CZ Scorpion?


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This thing is is one of my favorites, I never really wanted one until I was at the NRA Show in Atlanta a couple years ago and we had one in the booth. After repeatedly handling the thing it started to grow on me.



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Its an interesting weapon.
it falls in the class of PDW originally pioneered in the West by the FN P90 and in the East by the original CZ Skorpion.

When given a choie I would probably either pick a full size handgun (maybe w/ extended mag or a SBR (or AR pistol) if I was trying to fill the role this gun was intended for

The CZ skorpion doesnt really offer any firepower advantage over a AR pistol.. actually its a disadvantage but being just as bulky.

The concept of the in-between gun, in between a pistol and a Rifle, has been successfully addressed by the SBR ( or for a civilian a AR pistol which can be operated nearly as well as Carbine) .. They offer similar weight/bulk savings over a rifle as the Skorpion while offering more combat power.

Conversely a full size handgun offers nearly as much capability but in a much reduced package.

This is IMHO why this concept has never taken off.

However from a collectors perspective it is an interesting piece to own..


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I like it a lot, I didn't really want one until I was working the booth at NRA and handled it about a thousand kinda grew on me. Without a stock or a brace setup like mine, I wouldn't have it. I'm like you, I'd rather have a regular pistol. As a SBR or in my case with the brace it is great, much better control and accuracy with great capacity. It carry's well in a backpack with several mags which is great for throwing in the truck.

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