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  1. Maxx2893

    Completely Off Topic - Log Splitters

    I've seen the inverted splitters and seem like a good idea. I usually have all my logs in one spot though, and that CID splitter is operated externally. So you just set it there, set the throttle on the skid steer, hop out and throw your log on. Split and throw another on. It makes it nice...
  2. Maxx2893

    Completely Off Topic - Log Splitters

    This Mounted on this
  3. Maxx2893

    TX snake (Rattlers) Small Cal. suggestions and help

    This. Carry it in my GP100 when I'm at the ranch. I can say it works really well on the first hand. The recoil really isn't bad so I would go with that. If she truly can't handle that, then step down to rat shot in a 22 revolver. I really like the CCI Shotshells (pictured above). If you look...
  4. Maxx2893

    Well this is a long weapon

    Nice looking gun. Congrats!
  5. Maxx2893

    Flashlight Thread

    Haha, been looking at that thing. Sweet
  6. Maxx2893

    Gun Bed

    "or moving around in bed"
  7. Maxx2893

    bought a smith and wesson 500

    Man, someone I know just texted me that they picked one up as well. Congrats
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    Proud owner of a Beretta 96A1
  9. Maxx2893

    quick access gun lock.
  10. Maxx2893

    quick access gun lock.

    Yeah I don't believe it was very cheap, but didn't seem ridiculously high either.
  11. Maxx2893

    quick access gun lock.

    I'll see if I can find it but I saw a case that sounds like it would work. Narrow upright metal long gun cabinet with a simplex lock. It might have been V-line
  12. Maxx2893

    Have any gun stickers on your car?

    Well now you have me curious.
  13. Maxx2893

    Blind Squirrel

    That's ridiculous. I understand if you have the hookups and buy a good bulk of it and offer it at a slight increase. Business is business. I did this with AR mags. But thats scalping, not simple business. I never did that with the AR accessories.
  14. Maxx2893

    Have any gun stickers on your car?

    Have plenty of companies stickers on my truck, but nothing gun related. I just don't like the idea of advertising that there may be a gun in there for thieves.
  15. Maxx2893

    States considering the firing squad

    Here's a question that may go in to this thread. Why are execution dates set so far in to the future? If firing squad is revived can we just take em to the back of the prison and line em up? "Next" BOOM "Next" BOOM "Next"
  16. Maxx2893

    at what age?

    Well that's because it's Texas. If the "good guys" don't harm anybody other than the "bad guys," the state of Texas almost never brings charges against the "good guys."
  17. Maxx2893

    Winter Time, SHTF, What do you do?

    Have a built in fireplace and nearly unlimited firewood. Funny thus thread was made, about 1 and 1/2 months ago we had an ice storm that took down our power. Power was out for a out 24 hours. Inside the house got down to low 40's. Air mattress on either side of fire place (it's set in wall...
  18. Maxx2893

    Sig P938 opinions please

    Nice, been a good reliable gun for you?
  19. Maxx2893

    Sig P938 opinions please

    Thanks for the opinion. I'm not really recoil shy, but I just don't want it to not be fun to shoot because of excessive recoil. I thinking about the Critical Duty as well. I have it for my bedside gun in 40 and it's awesome stuff. Was also looking at Gold Dot's as well. Thanks, hadn't seen...
  20. Maxx2893

    Sig P938 opinions please