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  1. Mockstar

    Bought a new Smith and Wesson M&P40 Shield

    The shield doesnt have a mag disconnect safety, and will fire with the mag removed.
  2. Mockstar

    Finally....It's Mockstars turn for an AR.

    My ALG ACT trigger came in the mail today. It's a fantastic trigger. I was very surprised how smooth and crisp it is compared to stock..... ALOT better than I expected. I didn't want to drop in a Geissele trigger, but after finger F&*%'n this thing for 5 minutes, and knowing that this was...
  3. Mockstar

    New hardware on order for next year.

    :Whoa: Those are amazing.
  4. Mockstar

    just got home from range

    Me too. Most of my range trips are in winter tho. Seems like there is just never any time when the weather is nice.
  5. Mockstar

    Funny Pics

    Eau de Goat's Ass Isis Hunting Permit - YouTube
  6. Mockstar

    Cleaned AR

    Spare parts lead to new rifle builds. It's crazy. That reminds me. I think I have a spare firing pin laying around that needs a rifle build around it. UGH!
  7. Mockstar

    Black Rifle Thread, let's see them.

    Picked up a BCM lower on Saturday. Put it on the BCM upper with the geissele SMR, and swapped the KNS pins and Magpul BAD lever to the BCM lower. Put the CMMG lower on the BCM lightweight upper build. Just need a flash hider/Comp to finish off the second build, and BUIS for both rifles.
  8. Mockstar

    Dillon 550 or 650?

    Agreed^^ I was wondering where the pictures were, but I didn't want to be nosy. Figured if you wanted us to see ur setup, u'd post them.
  9. Mockstar

    Gave All three Glocks a bath and oiled up

    :Whoa: Lookin good!
  10. Mockstar

    Funny Pics

    At least there is no ketchup on it! :waytogo:
  11. Mockstar

    So what Gun Related stuff did you buy this week?

    10 gen 2's for $80. I paid more for the gen 3's on a previous order a couple weeks ago, but it's still a way better price than I can find locally.
  12. Mockstar

    So what Gun Related stuff did you buy this week?

    DSG ARMS has Pmags for $79.99!! and they send a patch with each order.
  13. Mockstar

    Finally....It's Mockstars turn for an AR.

    The upper on the lightweight doesn't have BCM on the side, but it is marked on the front of the upper.
  14. Mockstar

    Finally....It's Mockstars turn for an AR.

    Went to Midwest Industries today to pick up a lower for my second build. Ended up getting a complete BCM lower. That lower is now on my first build, and the CMMG lower is on the lightweight build. The MOE handguards on the lightweight build will be replaced with a 13" BCM KMR shortly.
  15. Mockstar

    Please Welcome Modulus Arms to WeaponsForum

    wow that looks great!
  16. Mockstar

    Funny Pics

    not sure if i posted these a while ago. this was seen in my local Fleet Farm parkinglot.
  17. Mockstar

    Just started reloading

    more updates. been away for a while. Here is the RL550B setup.
  18. Mockstar

    Black Rifle Thread, let's see them.

    updated pic........haven't been here in a while. First build. BCM upper BCM 16" BFH Middy BCM HP/MPT bolt BCM MOD 3 charging handle AIM Black Nitride V2 Bolt Carrier D.D Low pro gas block CMMG lower CMMG LPK KNS anti rotation pins Geissele MKII 13" rail Magpul ASAP Magpul enhanced trigger...
  19. Mockstar

    Do You Carry The Same Gun Every Day?

    I only carry the M&P 40c as it's my only easily concealable pistol.