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  1. FiveOH

    My Military Service

    Thank you all for your service!!! Can't imagine what this Country would be like if it weren't for y'all. I'm not military but I do serve the citizens of East Baton Rouge Parish here in Baton Rouge, LA. It's a never ending battle...
  2. FiveOH

    The thugs are right?

    I mainly carry mine at my 5 in my waist band...I cant get used to carrying at the appendix, just feels like I may shoot myself in the weiner!!! Great read though. I may give it some more practice and see if I can adapt to it.
  3. FiveOH

    Need help for the GF

    Let her hold a few different models and see what fits her the best. She looking for a semi auto or revolver? As far as being pink, you can always have the gun hydro dipped after you buy it to customize it to her likings. That is if you want to spend a little more to girlify it. Ive seen some...
  4. FiveOH

    What would be a good deer hunting rifle?

    I bought a Remington 700SPS .308 caliber last season. Has the heavy barrell on her...I have no complaints so far...sweet shooting gun!!! Dropped this boy in his tracks
  5. FiveOH

    South Louisiana member!

    Sup guys, new member here from Baton Rouge, LA. Hope to see some cool stuff on here and gain more insight on my weapons.