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    Why do you carry?

    I have carried for over 24 yrs. Fortunately have not had to use it in self defence, but on the flip side most know that just about all country folks carry.
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    Newb from Va...

    Welcome, Va here as well. Sussex county.
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    My Military Service

    It will be 24 yrs Oct 30th. Still going. MOS 92Y, 14M, 91B and currently in recruiting command. This is my last stop before the retirement. Thanks to all those before me and the ones to come. Hooha!
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    Let's see your rides!

    2006 D-Max
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    What model of AR-15 do you have/want?

    Thanks, I was torn between the BCM 650-133 M4 Mod 2, but the three hundred dollar price difference leaned me to the Colt....If the election dont go south then I will get the BCM with tax money.
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    What model of AR-15 do you have/want?

    Ordered the Colt LE6920MP-R. Should be here today according to the tracking number. My FFL holder lives about a block from me.