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    Pics of your SKS with Description...

    I'm about to pick one up this weekend ! I was wondering what I should look for on the sks as far as getting a good deal and and wears n tear info. I'm a noob on this sks
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    Marlin 30/30 for sale:

    I'm interested.
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    Anybody For A Game Of Chess?

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    Gun control NY map permit law

    Stupid gun control law in NY
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    Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotgun

    Bitchin shotgun
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    Wtb a Ar15 help

    Right on. I was looking at Daniel defense upper bcm lower ? Would it matter if there both diff brands
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    Wtb a Ar15 help

    Hello everyone , Im new to the forum and a noob on this subject , but I wanted to build a Reliable ar15 for home defense or Zombie apocalypse :killer: ,shot a few and like the rifle i want to build something that is not going to jamb up on me and user friendly Like I mention I do not...