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    Gentlemen of the Glock, give me your ears.....and opinions

    GLOCK 17... Since you state your intent is to use it 99% of the time for target shooting... It has a longer sight radius as well, which is preferred by Target/Competition shooters. You could go with the GLOCK 34, which is popular among serious competitors, but in my humble opinion, the GLOCK...

    My Military Service

    They allowed the Bulgaria trip, but I opted not to go... Although I heard that J.J. Murphy's was the place to go drinking I'd go back there again... I'd consider it ruggedly beautiful. I was the TF CSM's right hand man on the deployment, so we went everywhere. We even did a ton of...

    My Military Service

    91B Medic '95-'97, 3rd ACR FT. Carson (Airborne, in a non-Airborne Unit) 11B Infantryman/91W Medic '01-'04, 56th Brigade (56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team) as it was transitioning into the "Stryker Brigade". Deployment to Kosovo, Rotation KFOR 5A. 2003/04. Still miss being in. Still serving...

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