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  1. Trixxterr

    A good poem

    I guess, this goes here. Got it from another board. Just wanted to share.. A SHORT POEM YOU WON'T FORGET "A bump in the road"....remember that calloused statement? I do recall, the President referring to the Benghazi incident as "a bump in the road." Today I heard an ex-Navy Seal being...
  2. Trixxterr

    Awesome post by Colonel West

    I like it.
  3. Trixxterr

    Prepare For Terrorists With Substance – Not Symbolism

    Well said. I checked my guns, and ammo. Bought a couple more boxes.
  4. Trixxterr

    Mom Steals Candy From Kids - Halloween 2015

    Wow, that's sad. Dishonest people suck.
  5. Trixxterr

    The Walking Dead Comic FREE in PDF!

    I'll have to wait until I have a computer and WiFi. Interested to see this though..
  6. Trixxterr

    Fleet of tanks up for auction

    Actually there ARE six tanks, big guns in the LITTLEFIELD COLLECTION, That DO SHOOT. If you read the article, those are the ones that require the permit to own. There was a writeup about this collection and it impending sale a months or back on Yahoo or CNN, I forget which. But in that writeup...
  7. Trixxterr

    The legend of the mall ninja

    Wow! That was... Was interesting to say the least. Lol.
  8. Trixxterr

    To quiet

    Ehh, I'm goin to a local gun show to pick up some TEXAS lowers I have on order. Then to a memorial service, doubt ill be around much..
  9. Trixxterr

    To quiet

    It has been very dead around here for awhile. I've been wondering what happened to everyone..
  10. Trixxterr

    Who Likes Heights? Shanghai Tower Climb

    Uhhhh, hmm. Well, that was a rush just watching. I'd give it a shot, right up to walking out on the arm of the crane. That is where my adrenaline would end. Not goin any further. UrbEx, always finding cool shit.
  11. Trixxterr

    U.S. Army hidden treasure vault

    Hmmm, yeah I can imagine.
  12. Trixxterr

    U.S. Army hidden treasure vault

  13. Trixxterr

    For Sale Posts..

    Yeah, I understand the the whole concept of pm the seller. Was just saying maybe a general location such as mine, central Texas. So if someone saw something of interest, they would have a general idea of shipping cost before getting too excited about a deal or bothering the seller. Looks as if...
  14. Trixxterr

    For Sale Posts..

    How about a location requirement.. So when someone posts something, we can know if shipping is goin to kill us. Or could it be ftf..
  15. Trixxterr

    What is this "PRIVACY" Thing ????

    I'm safe, my laptop is old. It doesnt even have a camera. Lol.
  16. Trixxterr

    3-D printed rifle makes news

    Convenient, since they are coming out w the metal 3D printers, for auto parts of course. The possibilities are endless now....
  17. Trixxterr

    WeaponsForum Giveaway Round 1 WINNERS

    Unit patch. 7th, 158th aviation HHC. FT. HOOD, TX. Has since been absorbed into/by a another battalion.. or some crap.
  18. Trixxterr

    WeaponsForum Giveaway Round 1 WINNERS

    Awesome camera angle. Great view. I think those two are watching from the wrong end. Lol.
  19. Trixxterr

    Homefront movie trailer

    Looks to be another Statham kick ass movie. My wife is a huge fan. Must be the gravelly voice, yeah that's it. Lol.