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    I really like the 5" barrel. IMO, it is pretty much ideal.
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    Totally new to 22LR

    As far as hot rounds, I would look at the CCI Velocitor (40 grain) or Aguila Supermax (30 grain). I wouldn't want to buy either in bulk though when the "cheap stuff" is so much cheaper. I wouldn't personally worry too much about the difference in performance of 22 LR. I would just use...
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    Name that Camo pattern!

    I got 7 :perkinswhatever:
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    Funny Pics
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    Ohhh Lort, Libtards gonna be pist off again !!!

    I am glad the judge commented on what should be obvious. For a murderer on offense who has all the time in the world to plan an attack, magazine restrictions are no big deal. They can carry as many magazines as they want and generally aren't taking fire while doing so. For the rest us, we get...
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    Mossberg 500 tactical 20 gauge model 54300

    After some initial searching, it appears that it takes the same stocks as the regular size 500. If that is accurate, there should be lots of options. What type of stock do you have in mind?
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    KY becomes 16th State to legalize Constitutional Carry.

    Way to go Kentucky! :waytogo:
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    Tried some rental guns today

    Only 6 yards but this was 36 rounds rapid fire, not quite full speed but pretty quick.
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    Tried some rental guns today

    Just got back from the range and put another 400 rounds through the P365. That puts it over a thousand rounds with no issues. Have I mentioned that I like this thing?
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    is the 3 inch Revolver the sweet spot based on this data? Currently $289 per 1000
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    Why you should always use a holster

    Idiot drug dealer carrying apendix with no holster shoots himself in the junk. Ouch: Man Shoots Himself Below The Belt | The Smoking Gun
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    Howdy from Oklahoma

    Welcome aboard!
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    Tried some rental guns today

    I got off work a little early today so I snuck by for a quick stop into range and went through another 335 rounds. This little pistol shoots really well for such a small gun. I drew and fired from the holster a few times. The draw isn't quite as fast as my M&P but still pretty quick. With...
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    Funny Pics

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    Benchmade exposed A recent photo of the SS Benchmade
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    Funny Pics

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    5 vs 1 home invasion

    Yep, they could indeed.
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    Funny Pics

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    5 vs 1 home invasion