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  1. Honkey Killa

    Concealed Carry permit

    How do I get one for my Bow and Arrow?
  2. Honkey Killa

    Re-Introduction: I'm back Yo

    Just got out on a Class D charge. Man that was some bullshit
  3. Honkey Killa


    :biggun: Can we get some black smilies? All these yellow mutha fuckers shootin guns looks like Vietnam :biggun:
  4. Honkey Killa

    Lyrics about guns forum

    We need a place where we can all discuss the best lyrics about gats and shit. ...I got my twelve gauge sawed off. I got my headlights turned off. I'm 'bout to bust some shots off. I'm 'bout to dust some cops off...
  5. Honkey Killa

    cleaning my deuce-deuce

    I was complainging to my friend that I don't have time to clean my damn guns. He said you can put the .22 in the dishwasher, but not the others. Is this true? Why does it only work with a .22?
  6. Honkey Killa

    Black powder or white powder?

    Can't decide which I like more lol. Got my black powder to protect my white powder. That could be a rap lyric!
  7. Honkey Killa

    Serial Numbers

    What works best for scratching off serial numbers without messing up the paint too bad?
  8. Honkey Killa


    Choppa-Chop! Anyone feeling me here?
  9. Honkey Killa

    What up my Niggas?

    Strapped to the teeth, who wid me?