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  1. hotrodpc

    Oklahoma Constitional Carry Law now in affect.

    Though the bill was passed and signed into law by the governor in Feb I think it was, it's finally effective as of November 1st. We had a libtard Rep trying to get the law replealed before it went into affect. He wasted government time on 3 different attempts at which all failed and he says he's...
  2. hotrodpc

    Ohhh Lort, Libtards gonna be pist off again !!!

    Mag Capacity limit lifted in Cali by Federal Judge !!! Imainge the heads spinning over this !!! This should aslo set a precedent in other states too. Mag limits should be lifted in all states soon...
  3. hotrodpc

    KY becomes 16th State to legalize Constitutional Carry.

    2nd State in less than a month to legalize it. Effective July 1st in KY, Effective November 1st in OK. :worship:
  4. hotrodpc

    Possible Luby's Cafeteria Massacre Thwarted in OKC???

    About 2 hours ago, a gunman came into a Louie's Bar & Grill and started shooting. 2 women hit and are in surgery at a local trauma center. Only death is the suspect who was confronted by a CCW carrier who snuffed his ass !!! Live Saved for sure !!! Still new and investigation ongoing. More...
  5. hotrodpc

    Graphic Video, Practice and Tactically Train Yourself

    These ladies made way to many mistakes. They almost lost their own lives. I'm curious as to what calibers they were using and what ammo. I'm sure his jacket provided some protection if they used crappy ammo. Proof that bullet placement matters, caliber and ammo matter too. Bad guy had how many...
  6. hotrodpc

    Oklahoma New Gun Legislation after FL Shooting !!!

    You want to make a libtard's head spin??? Send there ass to Oklahoma. Let Oklahoma show you what to do when there is a mass shooting. Yep, libtards demand new gun legislation so that's exactly what Oklahoma does. Let's approve Constitutional Carry !!! State Gun Legislation To Be Heard Wednesday...
  7. hotrodpc

    We've lost another American Soldier to PTSD

    I received sad news last night. One of my long time friend's son who had served 2 tours in Iraq came home with severe PTSD a few years ago. He's struggled hard with it. He accepted treatment and even reached out to help others struggling with PTSD. He went through Service Dog training and also...
  8. hotrodpc

    Photobucket Image Hosting

    So I'm being told that Photobucket has gone to some new member format and it's going to cost something ridiculous like $40 a month for your pic hosting. I do not know this to be true or not since I use Fully Driven server to host my pics rather than an image hosting service. If indeed this is...
  9. hotrodpc

    It's True, G lock 19 for $20 Bucks !!!

    The libtards are already writing new legislation to stop this madness. How dare you be able to buy a 5 meter tape measure without a background check and mental evaluation. These will end up in the hands of millions of criminals , gangbangers and the mentally impaired all across the country.
  10. hotrodpc

    S&W Shield and SD9VE & SD40VE Rebates

    For us gun owners... Smith & Wesson is running a $75 Rebate on the M&P Shield and $25 Rebates for the SD9VE and SD40VE through June 30th. I do believe you can buy them from your favorite retailer and mail it in.
  11. hotrodpc

    Crime Don't Pay and Oklahoma Don't Play !!!

    Both of these events in the last 10 days or so. Armed Female ran over by police cruiser and killed. Resident kills 3 home invaders with AR-15.
  12. hotrodpc

    When a Glock and a 1911 breed !!!

    I never was a CZ fan, but have a buddy who can't say enough about his CZ 75 that he was talked into by someone else. I seen this on FB the other day and instantly thought, that's a Glock looking 1911. I opened it up and checked it out. Was surprised it was a CZ. Model # is P-09. Comes in a 9mm...
  13. hotrodpc

    Glock Mag Hack, Make them easy to read !!!

    Anyone else ever filled in the markings on their Glock mags? Sure makes it nice when you have multiple caliber mags and lighting in the range isn't all that great. No, this is not Crayon.
  14. hotrodpc

    Oklahoma State Troopers take down Vance

    Oklahoma Highway Patrol don't jack around. We'll shoot you with you an AR-15 while driving right out the front windshield. This guy was wanted on a 8 day manhunt after killing 2 of his family members, and shooting 2 different cops in 2 different incidents. He was certainly wanted. And they...
  15. hotrodpc

    For Men, How to protect yourself from a Female Rapist

    Figured this is quite important with all the hype over the gender neutral restrooms. You just never know when a female can be hiding out in the men's room.
  16. hotrodpc

    OK Another Step Closer to Constitutional Carry

    Already passed the House, Now the Senate !!! Bill Allowing Open Carry Without Training Passes Oklahoma Senate - - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |
  17. hotrodpc

    Nintendo Zapper

    Anyone else seen this? Seems to be getting alot of attention, both good and bad on the internet. I'm sure it'll show up on TV soon too.
  18. hotrodpc

    First Female to Stand Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown

    I'm not exactly sure how old this is or if it's current or not. Sure is a Purdy M1 though. Heather Lynn Johnson
  19. hotrodpc

    Happy Thanksgiving 2014

    It's in sight this week, but a few days early. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and hope everyone and their family members have safe travel.
  20. hotrodpc

    Thank You AGAIN Supreme Court !!! Cell Phone Privacy !!!

    So the Obama Admisitration and of course Eric Holder, say it's OK for LEO's to go through a person's cell phone just as if it's a wallet, purse or brief case during a search of your person with probable cause or arrest. BOOYA !!! Supreme Court says NO !!! A cell phone holds very private...